Annual Town Meeting of Electors - Thursday 23rd March, 2023 7.00 pm

The full agenda with individual reports can be viewed on this page below.

The full agenda with all reports can be downloaded from the Agenda reports pack.

No. Item



To agree the Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 31st March, 2022.




To receive any apologies for absence.


Welcome by the Mayor of Farnham, Cllr Alan Earwaker


Reports from Farnham Town Council

To receive a report on activity undertaken by Farnham Town Council over the previous 12 months. 

1)     Mayoral overview                                 Cllr Alan Earwaker

2)     Cemeteries and Appeals                        Cllr Carole Cockburn

3)     Community Enhancement                      Cllr Sally Dickson

4)     Planning & Licensing                              Cllr Scotty Fraser

5)     Tourism & Events                                 Cllr Kika Mirylees

6)     Farnham Infrastructure Programme       Cllr David Beaman

7)     Strategy & Finance                                 Cllr Pat Evans




Plans for 2023-24

To receive an overview of changes for 2023-24 including an outline of the new Committee Structure to streamline meetings following the outcomes of the Community Governance Review which sees the number of councillors reduced from 18 to 16 from May 2023.


Break for refreshments


Open session and issues raised by electors

Electors from the Farnham Town Council area are invited to address questions to The Mayor and Councillors of the Town Council on any matters affecting the Town.


Any matters not the responsibility of the Town Council will be recorded and referred to the appropriate organisation.