Thursday 29th July, 2021 7.00 pm

The full agenda with individual reports can be viewed on this page below.

The full agenda with all reports can be downloaded from the Agenda reports pack.

Venue: Council Chamber - Town Council Offices

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No. Item



To receive apologies for absence.


Disclosures of Interest

To receive from members, in respect of any items included on the agenda for this meeting, disclosure of any disclosable pecuniary or other interests, or of any gifts and hospitality, in line with the Town Council’s Code of Conduct.



 (i)        The following councillors have made a general non-pecuniary interest declaration in relation to being councillors of Waverley Borough Council: Cllrs Beaman, Blishen, Cockburn, Dickson, Edmonds, Gray, Hesse, MacLeod, Martin, Merryweather, Mirylees, Neale, and Ward.

(ii)        The following councillors have made a general non-pecuniary interest declaration in relation to being a councillor of Surrey County Council: Cllr MacLeod and Cllr Martin.

(iii)        Members are requested to make declarations of interest, on the form attached, to be returned to by 5pm on the day before the meeting.


Members are reminded that if they declare a pecuniary interest they must leave before any debate starts unless dispensation has been obtained.



To sign as a correct record the minutes of the Farnham Town Council meeting held on June 24th 2021 at Appendix A.


Questions and Statements by the Public

In accordance with Standing Order 10.1, the Town Mayor will invite members of the public present to ask questions or make statements.


At the discretion of the Town Mayor, those members of the public, residing or working within the Council’s boundary, will be invited to make representations or ask questions in respect of the business on the agenda, or other matters not on the agenda, for a maximum of 3 minutes per person or 20 minutes overall.


Town Mayor's Announcements

To receive the Town Mayor’s announcements.


Working Group Notes

1)     To receive the notes and any recommendations of the following Working Groups:

i)               Cemeteries and Appeals  held on 1st July 2021       Appendix B

ii)              Tourism and Events held on 14th July 2021         Appendix C

iii)             Strategy and Finance held on 20th July 2021        Appendix D


2)      To receive a verbal update from the Lead Member for Community Enhancement on any relevant matters.


Questions by Members

To consider any questions from councillors in accordance with Standing Order 9.


1)     Cllr David Beaman


“Wednesday 22nd September is designated World Car Free Day in which motorists should be encouraged to give up their cars for a day.  Given that Farnham Town Council has declared a Climate Emergency, what initiatives does Farnham Town Council intend to take to encourage councillors, staff and residents to use alternative forms of transport (public transport, cycling and walking) where they are available on that day?


Since both Surrey County Council and Waverley Borough Council have both declared a Climate Emergency, I intend to ask a similar question at meetings of Surrey County Council’s Cabinet that is being held on 20th July and Waverley Borough Council’s Full Council that is being held on 3rd August.”


Part 1 - Items for Decisions


Planning and Licensing Applications

To receive the minutes of the Planning & Licensing Consultative Group meetings held on 5th July, and 19th July at Appendices E and F.

Part 2 - Items to Note


Actions taken under the Scheme of Delegation


Reports from Other Councils

To receive from Councillors any updates on matters affecting Farnham from Waverley Borough Council and Surrey County Council.



Reports from Outside Bodies

To receive from Members any verbal reports on Outside Bodies where they represent Farnham Town Council.



Date of Next Meeting

To note the date of the next meeting as September 16th 2021.



Exclusion of the Press and Public

TO PASS A RESOLUTION to exclude members of the public and press from the meeting at Part 3 of the agenda (if required) in view of any confidential items under discussion.

Item 3 - Confidential Items


Any confidential matters (if required) arising from discussions of the Working Group notes.